Discussion: Dyslexia

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Discussion: Dyslexia
Edward is a seven-year-old boy who has difficulty reading. His teacher refers him to the school psychologist to evaluate for a learning disability. The psychologist’s report concludes that Edward has dyslexia and mild central nervous system impairment.
Edward’s mother asks whether the report means that her son has brain damage. The psychologist says, “He has impairments, but I wouldn’t say that he is brain damaged.”
How would you explain this answer? What is dyslexia?
What are the different nuances of meaning associated with the expressions brain damage and central nervous system impairment?
In our culture, are we overly sensitive and fearful about the idea of brain damage?
Is this fear justified?
As you prepare to for this assignment, what is the first thing that typically comes to mind when a person hears the term “dyslexia”? Is there just one type or are there different types? and finally, What treatments are available for dyslexia and can it be cured?

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Discussion: Dyslexia
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As you prepare for this assignment, please take a look at the short video below. (6:45 mins)

Also, here is a website that might be of interest to you as you complete the assignment above.

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Discussion: Dyslexia
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Discussion: xxxxxxxx
victims xx xxxxxxxx xxx not brain xxxxxxxx Its neither a disease xxx x xxxxx injury, even xx its xxxxxxxxxxxx disorder. Dyslexia xx inherited from one’x xxxxxxx xx it xx genetic and xxxx is xxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx to xx xx x reading xxxxxxxxxxx In our xxxxx children xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx language xxxxxx xxxx xx writing, spelling, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx condition xx xxxxxxxxx from those xxxxxxx xxx disability. xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx brain xxx 5 times more xxxxx activity when xx x xxxxx such as reading, than the non-dyslexic brain.
Moreover, this xxx be considered as a motor of x car that xx xxx operating normally, the impression means that xxx xxxxxx will be xxxxxx to xxxxxx well xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx This makes it xxxx xx xxxxxxx to her what xx means xx xxxx a xxxxx xxxxxxx what dyslexia xx xxx xxx xxx xxx are xxxxxxxx In fact, xxx function of x xxxxx can be affected by xxxxxxx therefore, you xxxxxx
– – – more text follows – – –

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A++ Answer
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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxx x psychological condition, xxxxxxxx is xxxxx characterized xx the inability of x xxxxxx xx read xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx to xxxxxxxxxx xxx given text, xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx typical intelligence xxx someone his xx xxx age (Thomson & Gilchrist, xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx exists a number xx xxxxxxx disorders, xxxxxxxx has xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx it xx xxx most xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx disorder. Common causes of xxxxxxxx include xxxxxxxxxx activation in parts xx the brain xxxx xxxxxxx reading xxx xxx influence xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx is xxxxx xxxxxx that reading xxxxxxxxx xxx easily emanate xxxx causes xxxxx than dyslexia. Such xxxxxx xxxxxxx impairments in xxx xxxxxxx system that xxxxxx to vision xx hearing – xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xx perceive a xxxxx xxxx erroneously (Thomson & xxxxxxxxxx 2000). As such, xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx was well informed in xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxx had xxxxxxxx
– – – more text follows – – –

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