Digital transformation managers

Digital transformation managers

Digital transformation managers experience with various forms of digital transformation

Design: Its a qualitative study
Sample: I did 12 interview (i will attach them) also (the interview form)
Analysis: using Thematic Analysis qualitative coding order coupon Code order coupon Code

First to write title and the introduction withe the objectives of the study , the questions
then the dimensions and each one dimension the questions under it like we ask about this and this
then demography description with schedule
then we said that we used the thematic analysis
then to take each dimension with its sub title and write the answers from the interviews the cotes
SO here the questions and the quotes

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Digital transformation managers
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sub of important result
with liked it with literature reviewes
with conclusion and recommendation and implication

Using time new roman 12 font text
titles bold (14)
sub heading (13)

M: Manger in health
I:Health informatic


G:working in government sector
P:working in privet sector

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