Create Pricing Strategies and Pricing Policies for Client Business

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Situation: Established business client is bringing a new product to market and seeks advice on the best pricing strategy and a price-setting process relative to the product’s life cycle.
New product will have three to four pricing levels, or packages. For instance, a product for the budget consumer, another for the experienced consumer, and finally a premium model to meet the needs of a consumer that is not price-sensitive.
The client also needs a general pricing policy that will complement current and future pricing considerations.
I will provide the details of the product and industry served, upon consideration of bid. I will also provide necessary resources, business profile, target market demographics, and other relevant information to be included. I have all of the necessary data, I just do not have the time to organize and write the paper; as I have two more papers due by the end of the week.
Paper length: about 2100 to 2400 words.
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Create Pricing Strategies and Pricing Policies for Client Business
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