•Construct a visual presentation (e.g., chart, graph, diagram, Prezi presentation), writing homework help

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To prepare
Read the week’s Learning Resources and consider the differences between community service and service learning.
View the videos assigned as part of this week’s Learning Resources, which focus on service learning in action.
Revisit or review the articles provided in Week 3 Learning Resources and the articles you have analyzed to begin your annotated bibliography.
To submit
Construct a visual presentation (e.g., chart, graph, diagram, Prezi presentation) showing the connections between the learner-centered curriculum model and the model of service learning. Keep in mind the following:
Focus your visual representation on how service learning overlaps with and extends a learner-centered curriculum.
Indicate in your graphic any ways in which they do not fit well together.
Your visual should stand-alone, be self-explanatory, and easily understood.
Your visual should be in .pdf, .jpg, Word, or Prezi file format.
In addition to constructing your visual presentation, write a 1-page paper in which you answer the following questions:
How does service learning fit into, extend, or amplify the learner-centered curriculum?
After reviewing both models, what are the similarities and differences?
Include one or more examples from the videos assigned as part of this week’s Learning Resources
Resources: Furco, A., & Billig, S. H. (Eds.) (2002). Service learning: The essence of the pedagogy. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. (Chapters 1 &2)
Cullen, R., Harris, M., & Hill, R. R. (2012). The learner-centered curriculum: Design and implementation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (Chapters 3 & 5)
Include in your submission a cover sheet, the graphic representation, and the 1-page paper.
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