Complete an executive summary, existing missions, objectives and strategies, and write a new mission statement for Crocs Inc.

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Complete an executive summary, existing missions, objectives and strategies, and write a new mission statement for Crocs Inc.
Complete a:
Executive summary;
Existing mission, objectives, and strategies;
A new mission statement
This is for Crocs Inc and must be 4-5 pages. The exective summary must be minimum 3 pages. The existing mission, objectives and strategies must be minimum 1 page and the mission statement is a mission statement so 1-2 paragraphs.
Utilize the attachments as they come from the class book. One attachment is Crocs Inc’s case with financial numbers and other important information and the other is a glossery of different strategies a company uses. Another important referance is below and is a link to the companies 10-k report.
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Running xxxxx xxxxx Inc. 1
Running xxxxx xxxxx Inc. 5
The xxxxx xxxx
Executive xxxxxxx
With its xxxxxxxxxxxx in Niwot in Colorado, the Crocs Incorporation xxxxxx xxx xx one of the leading xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx unique shoe xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to xxx present xxxxx through provision of xxxxxxx comfort xx footwear xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xx well xx children. V xxxxx xxxx offers its unrivaled xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx incorporating xxxxxxxxx a lightweight xxxxx material xxxx provides great comfort xxx contributes xx the lightweight and the odor resistance xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx by xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx Crocs xxxx takes xxxx consideration the diversity xx its xxxxxxxxx’ xxxxxxx xxxxx touches xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx a sense of xxxxx and xxxxxxx that cuts xxxxxx culture. Crocs Inc. xx xxxxxxxxx on xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx mainly xxx xxx healthcare industry xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Its partnership with a number xx renowned companies xxx
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