Community Nursing/Public Health Questions

Public Health Questions

Please answer these 2 community nursing/public heath questions; 1 question per page; 2 references per questions:

Question 1: Explain how a nurse is able to accomplish “prevention” a state of wellness within a community. What is the community-base nursing role/ patient-centered focus nursing role that can give rise to effective education to an aggregate affected by asthma?

Question 2: Explain social determinants of health issues from an environmental health view. Name the primary causes of disease or allergy conditions found in the environment and the other possible issues that can lead to disease. Explain ways the nurse can approach care to a rural or urban community.

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Community Nursing/Public Health Questions
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Community Nursing and Public Health Questions

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Question 1

Prevention is the act of stopping something before it actually happens, while in nursing, this term encompasses of different activities including disease detection and identification of individuals with high risk issues, in order to prevent inception of diseases. Nurses play a significant role in maintaining a state of wellness in a community through health recommendations that are backed by evidence (Sellers et al., 2016). Such recommendations include encouraging community members to receive preemptive services including counselling, precautionary medication and screening.

In addition, nurses should participate in public health education, which advocate for healthy lifestyle such as weight management, regular exercise, avoidance of harmful substances among others. Most importantly, they should be in a position to detect any existing conditions as early as possible and assist in modifying patients’ behaviors, so as to regulator or simply stop the effects of such ailments (Sellers et al., 2016). Depending on their position in health care institutions, nurses may also take part in treating certain diseases, as well as putting in place the most appropriate measures to stop further infections. 

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory disorders that is characterized by inflammation of the airway. In order to effectively educate a community that is infected with asthma, nurses ought to be well informed of all the applicable theories, and the relevant models that can offer intervention in the prevailing situations. Avoiding environmental risk factors or changing one’s life style could halt a big percentage of asthmatic conditions (Szefler, 2013). Accordingly, nurses should be in a position to point out all the possible triggers, hence advice the community on the most suitable lifestyle to adopt.

Question 2

A number of social factors play a significant role in determining the health status of different individuals. Examples of such factors include the overall support offered in the communities, schools, homes and neighborhoods, safety in working environment, and the level of air, food and water hygiene among other social interactions. Apparently, different social relationships explain why some individuals are healthier than others, while numerous others are not as healthy as they should be. Obviously, social interactions have noteworthy effects on individuals’ health.

Although there are social and economic factors that lead to diseases, numerous chronic illnesses and allergies are environmental in origin. The environmental primary causes of ailments include individual’s lifestyle, the type of diet, level of pollution, infections, sanitation facilities, water supply among others (Rappaport, 2011). Other factors include climatic conditions such as heavy rains that could result to flooding and overflow in the drainage systems, leading to water contamination.  Furthermore, research shows that some disease-causing organisms may be spread to several areas through air (Rappaport, 2011). Evidently, there are several environmental factors that trigger the spread of diseases.

There are numerous ways in which nurses can approach care in both urban and rural communities. However, these approaches should be geared towards providing effective, timely, and safe care to the patients, as well as other individuals living in these areas. In order to enhance efficiency, nurses should be in a position to improve the quality of care offered, particularly, in rural areas where certain resources may be inadequate or unavailable (Weber, Procter, & Sermeus, 2016). For example, in some rural areas, the need for services outweighs the available supply. In such a scenario, nurses must be willing and capable of working together with the members of the community to establish appropriate systems that meet the needs of the patients, and the entire community. Clearly, nurses have a key role in offering patient-centered service in both rural and urban areas. 



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