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Using information found on the National Aphasia Association (NAA) website ( describe in your own words the communication disorder of aphasia (1). Next compare and contrast the two primary types of aphasia (2) (i.e., Broca’s aphasia (3) and Wernicke’s aphasia (4) also called nonfluent and fluent aphasia) as could be used by a speech-language pathologist when communicating with the family of a person who has suffered a stroke (5). And finally, create a general overview of treatment for aphasia (6). Your audience is the client’s family.
All information must be accurate (1). Do not include your opinion or state if you agree with the material. Include as much information as possible while staying within the assigned length. Information must be in your own words (2) including all three descriptions (3)requested (i.e., aphasia, Broca’s aphasia and Wernicke’s aphasia) plus a treatment overview. Write with clarity (4). Be specific in your word choice to avoid being vague or ambiguous. Proofread so that the reader recognizes this as professional writing free from spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammatical errors (-2). Employ syntax and usage appropriate to academic disciplines and the professional world
Maximum length is approximately 1 ½ pages (375 words). Double-space your copy using a minimum of 12-point font with standard one inch margins. APA citation required
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