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Please read and confirm in your handshake specifically about the project ,deadline and set budget of $25.00Urgent : need Oct 30instructions:Water Quality ReportFormatting & Content Requirements100 points in the Test CategoryGeneral Format and Style Guidelines:The following sections need to be included in your lab report:1. Introduction2. Materials and Methods3. Results4. Discussion5. Conclusion6. Water Quality Inforgraphic1. Introduction The introduction defines the subject of the report. It must outline the scientific purpose(s) orobjective(s) for the research performed and give the reader sufficient background tounderstand the rest of the report.§ Provide an overall summary and answer the following questions:o What is water testing?o Why is water testing needed? Why is it important to continually test water samples?2. Material & MethodsThis section contains the detailed laboratory procedures for readers and the materials thatwere used in order to conduct the water testing.§ The following need to be included:o A list of all the materials used in the labo The procedures used to complete EACH of the water quality testso Example: Chlorine TestMaterial: Chlorine testing strips, color chart, and plastic cups for water samplesChlorine Testing Protocol: Completed on three samples – unfiltered, filtered, and namebrand water sample1. Fill the well plate with your water sample.2. Immerse one-inch of the chlorine test strip into the water sample. Remove the teststrip immediately.3. Wait one minute for the color to develop, determine the ppm using the color chart.Repeat for the filtered water sample, and the bottled water sample.3. Results§ The results section should summarize the data from the experiments without discussing theirimplications. The data should be organized into tables and/or figures. Figures and tablesshould be numbered separately and should be referred to in the text by number. For the tests completed on the selected samples use the table similar to the one on your datasheet.Test CompletedUnfiltered Sample(Sample One – Lindley& Kittridge)Filtered Sample (Lindley& Kittridge)Bottled Brand Water(Aquafina)Chlorine 100 ppm 50 ppm 0 ppm4. Discussion This is where you should include the answers to the pre-lab questions and provide a summaryof your results.1. Determine if all of your samples were inside or outside of the optimal range determined inthe pre-lab assignment for each of the test conducted.2. Were there any similarities or trends in your results for the tests you conducted on all of yourwater samples? (Hint: Think about the geography of your samples)3. Compare your results to two other groups. Are there any similarities between your results orare your results completely unique? Are there any trends? Be specific when comparingyour results.4. If a sample was outside of the optimal range, what do you think caused the high or lowlevels? Is there any consequence to these high/low levels?5. Was there a difference in the filtered water versus unfiltered water samples? If so, does thatimply filtering water is an efficient way to clean water?6. Was there a difference between your water sample and the bottled water sample? If so,what were the differences? Does this mean you will only drink or use bottled water?7. Based on your results overall, do you think your water samples are safe to consume? Doyou trust the quality of your drinking water? Explain why or why not.5. Conclusion Summarize the entire lab procedure. Highlight the important steps and findings. How wouldyou improve your experimental outcomes?6. Water Quality Inforgraphic You need to design an inforgraphic about water quality in your community. It MUST bedesigned by hand, no computer generated graphics.NOte: research is required for need information not provide in my notes.Purchase the answer to view it
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