Chapter 2 – Ethics in Research, psychology homework help

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Choose one of the following studies:
Milgram Experiment…
Stanford Prison Experiment
Bobo Doll Experiment –
After learning about the experiment, answer the following questions:
Summarize the study
What ethical issues are raised with this study? What potential or real harm resulted in the study?
How could this study have bee modified to address the ethic concerns, if possible. If it is not possible, was the study worth the risk? Explain your answers fully.
Was deception used? Why?
What have we learned from these studies about ethics? What safeguards are in place to safeguard study participants?
This needs to address each of the questions – use a separate paragraph for each question. You need to cite textbook (and other sources) in your responses.
Make sure to respond to other students – minimum of two. This needs to be a substantial response (explain your point of view, why you agree or disagree or add to the discussion.)
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