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1 .What are the problems amongt the staff of each of the three teams? Chapter 12 from course textbook. Answer Question #1 p.430 and contrast the approaches taken by h&m, Benetton and Zara to managing their supply networks. Chapter 13 from course textbook. Answer Question #1 p.465 1.Prepare a spreadsheet-based abc analysis of usage value. classify as follows: A-items: top 20 per cent of usage value B-items: next 30 per cent of usage value C-items: remaining 50 per cent of usage value Chapter 14 from course textbook. Answer Question #1 p.488 Why did peter have such problems getting to the relevant information? Chapter 16 from course textbook. Answer Question #1 p.569 How would the culture of the NLB have changed in order for it to make such improvements? Purchase the answer to view it
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