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Final Exam – Essay
Due: May 7, 2018 at 11:30 PM
A comprehensive exam comprised of both objective and essay questions covering Chapters 1 – 12.
Students will take the objective portion of the final exam in the Testing Center by the deadline. The essay will be submitted online.
Essay Directions: Address the topic below in a well-developed, grammatically correct “meaty” paragraph. Your response MUST be specific and detailed to receive ANY credit. All responses must be college-level in style and content
Essay Topic – From our studies of the various civilizations this semester, determine specifically what artistic expression (literary, musical, visual, architectural, philosophical, etc.) reveals about a particular culture?
Select two or three cultural values of ONE of the civilizations we have studied this semester (Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Judeo-Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Medieval). Discuss how these values are revealed through artistic expression. What does a civilization’s art tell us about their values? Their culture?
Be specific and analytical. Cite specific examples of artwork and describe it in detail to support your assertions.
Note: The textbook is the only source that may be used.
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Can you write a Humanities paper?
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