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Online Discussions: 10% Assignments: 20% Essays: 30% Mid Semester Examination: 20% Final Examination: 20%Grading details (lettered grades will be awarded reflecting the percentages indicated below): Assignments (4)(5 % each):20%(representing 20% of the total grade );Essays (2):15 % each (representing 30% of the total grade);Examinations (2): 20% each(40% of the total grade)(mid-semester-20% of the total grade),(final examination-20% of the total grade);Online discussion:10%( representing 10% of the total grade). Example essay grading score:Score – Out of 15PercentageLetter Grade15100%A1493%A-1387%B+1280%B1173%B-1067%C+960%C853%C-747%D+640%D5 or less33% or lessFSafeAssign:Assignments, essays and examination should be submitted using the assignments (SafeAssign) link on webcampus. Assignments, essays and examinations sent submitted using email attachments will not be accepted. You have to submit your assignments, essays and examination on time to be able to use the SafeAssign. There are assignments and essays as specified at the end of each session.Required Reading:James N. Danziger (2013 or later), Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science (New York: Pearson)and any reading assignments that will be assigned during the semester.Themes and Weekly Schedules: (Make sure you check announcements for specific weekly assignments).Session I (Week I & II): The Political World (08/27-09/08)What is Political Science?-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapter 1Sources of Political KnowledgeDiscussion ForumPolitical Behavior.Political Beliefs & Political Culture-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapter 2Political Actions & Influences on Beliefs and Actions-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 3-4Discussion Forum:Assignment ICheck announcements for Assignments at the end of each session.Session II: Week III – IV: Political Systems (09/10-09/29)Political Systems, States and NationsPolitical Institutions I: StructuresPolitical Institutions II: Institutional Arrangements Democracies and Non-Democracies Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Regimes Real Distribution of Power Executive-Legislative Relations Political Party Systems-Reading assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 5-7Essay IDiscussion forum:Check announcements for Assignments at the end of each session.And at the end of this session, Essay 1(Note the due dates)Session III: Week V & VII: Political Economy and Political Processes(10/1-10/13)Politics and EconomicsPublic Policy, Power and DecisionPolitics as a Value Allocation ProcessChange and Political Development-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 8-10Assignment IIDiscussion ForumCheck announcements for Assignments at the end of each session.Session IV: Weeks VIII-IX: Political Violence & Politics Between States (10/15-10/27)Political ViolencePolitics between StatesPerspectives on States BehaviorViolence between StatesReading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 11-12Assignment IIICheck weekly announcement for assignments and Mid-Semester Examination (and due date)Session V: Weeks X-XI: Politics Among States(10/29-11/10)The developed Countries of the Global NorthGlobalization-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 13Check out the United Nations website: http://www.un.orgDiscussion ForumEssay IICheck out for the announcement for Essay 2(and the due date)Session VI: Weeks XII-XIV: Politics among Nations (Cont.) (11/12-12/08)The Developing Countries of the Global SouthThe Transitional Developed Countries-Reading Assignments: James N. Danziger: Chapters 14-16Assignment IVDiscussion ForumFinal Examination (See separate announcement for Assignments and final examination questions and due dates.
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