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Many U.S. corporations use foreign companies to manufacture the products that Americans love to buy. These products range from $200 Nikes to $1 plastic bowls… and everything in between. The vast majority of these manufacturers are located in areas that can be devastatingly poor. It’s been reported that some of these foreign manufacturers go to great lengths to cut their costs through low pay and questionable working conditions.Given the chronic unemployment rate in the U.S. and numerous humanitarian concerns abroad, discuss the pros, cons, and ethics of outsourcing and contract manufacturing. Your response should cover: a. Pros and cons of outsourcing AND contract manufacturing. b. Discuss whether you believe U.S. companies should be held responsible for the violations committed by their contractors. Why or why not? c. Is it ethical and/or sociably responsible for American companies to pay workers in foreign lands less than the U.S. minimum wage? Why or why not? d. Would you change your purchasing decisions, if you knew that a product was produced in a sweatshop? Why or why not?2.) Read an article on a Business Structure, Entrepreneurship, OR Leadership topic or concern of interest to you. You may not use an article that has been posted for a discussion question or assigned reading. More instructions will be attachedPurchase the answer to view it
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Business Question No Word Limit
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