Assignment To Submit In Words (Watch Video 3 Below)

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Use for this exerciseExercise 11. Close the Announcement Window2. On the TOP Menu. Select File –> New and Type “University of The Cumberlands is located in Florence, KY”2. On the TOP menu. click on Encrypt/Decrypt3. Select Symmetric (Classic)4. Select Caesar/ROT13 Read the description Click on the Radio Button for Caesar Click on the Alphabet and type E (you want an A to be substituted with an E (It is a “4” shift)5. Click on ENCRYPTSave your output as you will need it later for the QUIZ6. Click on CANCELExercise 21. Now from the TOP menu, select Symmetric –> Vigenere2. In the Key box, type “APPLE”3. Click on Encrypt4. Save your output as you will need it later for the QUIZExercise 3Use Cryptool to Decrypt the following. The encryption algorithm is Caesar Cipher.mbizdyyv sc k mywzboroxcsfo pboo onemkdsyxkv zbyqbkw
klyed mbizdyqbkzri kxn mbizdkxkvicsc
yppobsxq ohdoxcsfo yxvsxo rovz kxn wkxi fscekvsjkdsyxc.Remember the answer for your QUIZExercise 4Decrypt using Vigenere cipher – What is the key?Rtsciv kevki jfsg veucc zyiq zrgvig tsrbig
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Assignment To Submit In Words (Watch Video 3 Below)
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