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Article review Sample Paper
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Discussion Topic

Article review

 The article highlights impact of the MH17 shooting down by Russian backed rebels in Ukraine. The first anniversary of the MH17 incident allows the parties involved to reflect on the impact of the incident. According to the author, the incident was a major factor that severed the relationship between European countries and Russia. After the incident, all the Europeans Union countries blamed Russia for the death of the MH17 passengers and joined forces with United States in issuing sanctions to Russia.

The issue relates to the manner countries engage in international conflict and employ economic sanction as way to punish the wrong party. The Ukraine conflict involves Russia directly and other countries feel that the Russian government is not doing right. Therefore, the European Union and United states have joined to punish Russia using economic sanctions.

As a student, I feel that Russia has the chance to repair its international reputation and join the other European countries in economic development.  By using diplomacy, it would be possible for Russia to win the favor of others countries and help in solving the situation in Ukraine. The current conflict does not help matters.

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9.1 Discussion Topic

It is difficult to implement international environment laws because there is no authoritative body to reinforce the law. In addition, many countries that contravene the environmental laws are motivated to gain economically at the expense of the environment. The solution to the problem would be to set up an international reinforcement body that would prosecute offenders in an international court.

9.2 Activity

From the data available on NATO members’ contributions, it seems that NATO needs United States more that the United States need NATO. The contribution of United States only to the organization is about a third of the total.  The US can survive very well on its own without NATO.

10.1 Discussion Topic

North Korea has a strong military regiment of about 6 million soldiers. It has one of the strongest military in the region. However, the economy of the country is not performing very well because of its excessive closed nature and international sanctions. It neighboring countries, especially South Korea is in close alliance with United States and other western allies. Therefore, as a leader of the country, I would avoid going to war despite the strong army.

11.1 Discussion Topic

It is very challenging to combat terrorism because of the nature of terrorists groups. The members of the terrorists groups blend with civilians and are often motivated by religious ideology. Therefore, trying to fight the groups using military aggression increases the likelihood of convincing more recruits to join and hurting innocent civilians. However, sometimes fighting the terrorists is beneficial because it weakens their capacity to attack. The best way to combat terrorism is by increasing intelligence gathering in terrorists areas and launching counter ideologies to reduce on recruitment of new members.

11.2 Activity

ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaida are all terrorists groups motivated to pursue extremist Islamic agendas. ISIS wants to have strong Islamic states in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram wants to have the same in Nigeria, while Al Qaida is against western interference in the Middle Eastern region. The three organizations use kidnappings, bombing and spreading of propaganda to wedge their war against non-Muslims, especially from the west, and their sympathizers. Their objectives are not justified in any way. To stop the groups, the global community needs to come together and fight them by targeting their top leadership.

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