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In the following assignment, you will review a controversial study that took place in 1971. This is now called The Stanford Prison Experiment.
Read and review the following article: Stanford Prison Experiment | Haney, C., Banks, W.C. & Zimbardo, P.G. (1973). A study of prisoners and guards in a simulated prison. Naval Research Review, 30, 4-17.
Here are some tips to review the paper. Follow these tips when you are reviewing any article in this class:
1. From the introduction: what is the general topic that the article is addressing? What is the purpose of the research described in this article? What is the author(s) hypothesis/hypotheses?
2. Briefly describe the methods: who were the participants? What did they have to do in this study? What were the measures that were collected? How was it collected?
3. In general, what were the results of this study? (Don’t use numbers or describe statistics).
4. What were the major conclusions of the study? What are the implications of this study, both in terms of future psychological research and understanding social behavior out in the “real world”? Make sure you don’t simply use the limitations described in the study—come up with your own.
5. In your opinion, what are the strengths and limitations of this research? Could there have been modifications in the way the study was conducted? What kind of “tips” would you have given the researchers with what you know?
6. Form a conclusion about the value of the study. How does it apply to our world today? Was it valuable and/or informative? How did it enhance the way you view current or historical experiences/events?
Use your own words to review this article. Make sure to follow APA guidelines and referencing style.
The paper must be 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman, double space with a title page, and source list. The paper should be a minimum of 3 pages.
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