Argumentative essays

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to take an assertive attitude towards a specific issue to persuade your readers. This, in turn, will allow you to convince the people who read your essay of the beliefs you hold. Arguments must be used to support your opinion after they go through it. But, it’s not the same thing as a persuasive essay: you use logic and evidence and not your emotions when writing an argumentative essay.

Is there an argument?

If you’re going to write an argumentative essay, you need to know the definition of an argument. It is essentially comprised of a set of facts that are able to build and prove your idea. In other words, it is the argument you present in your essay. In writing an essay of this kind is not enough. You must also provide some examples to demonstrate your viewpoint better.

The structure

It is important to know three main argumentative essay models, and you will most likely employ them in your studies: classical (also known as Aristotelian), Toulmin, and the Rogerian model. These structural models determine the structure of your essay. If you opt for a classical model, you must try to convince the readers using their side of an argument. It is important to present multiple arguments. However, the evidence will back your particular position.

For the model of Toulmin, you are only discussing one aspect of the debate and it becomes impossible to debate your position. It is the Rogerian structure is all about common ground – two arguments are required to exist. Every model has its pros and cons. Therefore you have the option of choosing based on the topic.

Tips on how to build an essay’s structures

In most cases, you will discover the best ways to write this or that kind of essay too late. For that reason, you can start learning these now.

Choose a topic that you find interesting. Make sure that it’s a topic that is interesting not just for you, but is also being debated on the Internet such as. Create a list of the most controversial ideas that grasp society’s attention: it can be a lingering debate subject or something that has emerged lately.

You need to consider the assertion you want to use in your writing. All in all there are five types of claims that can be used in an argumentative essay. These are as follows:

  • The question is whether the assertion is true or false?
  • Value What is the significance of the argument?
  • Definition: What does the statement mean that much?
  • Policy: What do you need to do to comply with the claim?
  • Impact and Cause: What is the root of the problem, and what is the impact of this problem?

After you’ve decided on the kind of claim you want to make for your argumentative essay you can check the following tips on how you can make your writing even more effective.

  • Based on the argumentative style choose which argumentative style will best suit your essay the most.
  • Develop a thesis statement.
  • Research to collect trustworthy sources, facts, and evidence for your essay’s argument.
  • Form a coherent and well-structured outline.
  • If you’re having doubts in regards to your writing skills or understanding of a specific model, here are an example of essays that are ready for you to study.
  • Stay true to your thesis – central claim – throughout the paper.
  • The conclusion should match your argument and should be in line with the model you use.

Statement of thesis: why it matters?

In general, your thesis should be included in the introduction. It is the most significant sentence, or the primary one in the whole paper in that it is an evidence of your argument. By reading the paragraph, readers will understand what you plan to be discussing in your writing. These suggestions will be useful to you:

  • One of the best ways to come up with a thesis on your paper is to write down your statement in the form of a query. Are you interested? Would you like to know the answer to that question and see what arguments the author has to offer? If so, bingo! You’ve found your thesis statement and can convert it into a sentence.
  • Write down the claim you are making and then challenge the claim. This may appear to be an odd strategy, but once you write down the refutation then you need to explain all the facts that prove your argument’s validity. The explanation of why you can’t accept the opposing view will assist you in forming the argument that will actually work.
  • You should identify the main points that you’re thinking about and select the most significant of them. Focus on the major issue you are facing and consider how you can support it. You may mention some details in your statement that attract readers to read the essay and find out more about your thoughts on the issue. The thesis statement should be thought of as a roadmap for the rest of the essay.

Your thesis must be arguable and must make the truth or refute a claim about your issue. A thesis should have a possibility of being truthful in order to be debatable. However, it should not, be widely recognized as truthful; instead it should be a statement that people can disagree with. It’s crucial to note that a thesis includes both an observation and an opinion:

observation + opinions (the “why”) = thesis

Checking if your thesis is able to create a powerful antithesis is an excellent approach to see how solid it is.

Common mistakes in thesis writing:

  • A thesis that is a fragment.
  • A thesis that is too broad.
  • A thesis which is expressed as a question. (The thesis usually comes from the solution to the question.)
  • Other information can be found in a thesis.

A look in detail at the process of writing an argumentative essay

A persuasive essay can be both stimulating and difficult for students. With a project like that will help you establish and prove your position. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to test your analytical and critical thinking abilities. The following article provides a glimpse into the process that makes up your writing experience in argumentative style.

The outline is crucial for an essay, and it is comprised of data and examples. Most of the time, the outline will include the introduction, the body (the body) and counter arguments, and a conclusion.

A stunning introduction

Your introduction is not only the first paragraph that has an argument at the end. It’s better by spending some time creating such an introduction to make a reader smile. If your reader is already supportive of your ideas already, this section must interest him or her even more so that is interested in the data you present. If the reader is of a different viewpoint, the introduction needs to be persuasive and even inducing to a certain degree to make the reader want to but continue reading the text.

However, do not go beyond the limits of your ability to create an organized, logical and an argument that is rational. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Utilize a hook for your argument. The best way to grasp the attention of the audience is to create an effective hook at the beginning. It could be an idea or idea, but the purpose is to introduce the topic you are going to tackle.
  2. Give some background information, especially if you can help them be able to understand the importance of your argument. This way you will make sure that your argument flows smoothly from your sentence.
  3. Make your thesis clear. Now that the readers are acquainted with your essay’s general concept, you must conclude the introduction paragraph with an eloquent thesis declaration.

Body paragraphs for your argumentative essay

The sources you research prior to writing the essay comprise the body portion of the work. It is your responsibility to present all information and concepts in your main body’s paragraphs to back up the ideas you mention in the thesis. Each paragraph follows the exact format, and it is according to:

  1. The topic sentence is the first sentence in each paragraph within the body. It states a single notion; thus, the number of paragraphs in the main part is equal to the amount of your supporting claims.
  2. Develop the paragraph using relevant evidence. Remember that you may use as many of the essential details as you’ll require. The only rule here is to provide every factual assertion you make in your writing. Also, it would be more effective if your body paragraphs are of average size so that the entire essay looks neat and well-organized.
  3. Conclusion sentence. The conclusion sentence of a paragraph needs to sum up the main idea of the particular paragraph. While doing so it should correspond with the thesis statement and give an idea of the subsequent paragraph if possible.

Utilizing the counterarguments to your advantage

The section with the counterargument is a follow-up to your main claims. It is an opinion that suggests a counter argument that is opposite to your principal argument. However, you must use this paragraph not to present a different perspective on the issue but to prove your theory’s validity. To create an excellent paragraph that includes a counterclaim take a look at the following points:

  • Give the counter-inspiring ideas you have; there can be one or several of them.
  • Choose the best response to these counter claims that you can imagine.
  • Refute every counterargument you mention using proper evidence.
  • In the closing sentence, you must rephrase the main idea of your essay.

The last but not least the last part

The final part of the essay is not supposed to contain any new information or assertions. The closing portion of your essay should be a summary of all the elements you mentioned in the work and back up your main argument once more. Your conclusion must be precise and persuasive so that people reading it are convinced of the validity of your argument. It is also possible to include a call to action however, it’s not a must.

List of Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should animal testing be put on hold?
  2. Is the #metoo hashtag is a positive thing?
  3. Do manufacturers have to be accountable for the negative effects of chemicals they employ in the development of their products?
  4. Are illegal immigrants eligible for residency?
  5. Is there a fake news issue? What’s the reason?
  6. Does “big pharma” have people’s best interests in mind?
  7. Do you think the death sentence is just punishment?
  8. Should religious clubs be allowed in schools?
  9. Should “one Nation under God” be part of this pledge?
  10. Should religion be taught in schools?
  11. Should clergy be allowed to get married?
  12. Are you ready to see Puerto Rico become a state?
  13. Should voter registration be automated?
  14. Should people in prison be allowed to vote?
  15. Should the death penalty be legal?
  16. Should animal testing be allowed?
  17. Should drug possession be decriminalized?
  18. Should mobile phones be banned from vehicles?
  19. Has the internet made society better?
  20. Should parents restrict screen time for children?
  21. Should everyone get the internet for absolutely nothing?
  22. Technology is too isolated?
  23. Should college and university be free , just like elementary or middle school, as well as high school?
  24. Should college students be forbidden from participating with Greek life?
  25. Art classes should be mandatory at school?
  26. Are music and other forms of art be made available online for free?
  27. Students cheating on tests be punished?
  28. Should schools restrict the use of computers and other technologies for students?
  29. Is single-sex education better than co-education?
  30. Do schools have to be open all year round?
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