Apply: Decision-Making Career Path Plan

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For this assignment, you will discover critical thinking is an important part of problem-solving, decision-making, and everyday life—personally and professionally.Review the “Infographics”® video.Write a minimum 350 word summary of your current career path or your desired career. Include the following: Create a decision-making process infographic for your plan in an appropriate format. This can be done using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Publisher®, Microsoft® Word, or sites like®,, and PiktoChart®, or any other infographic software. In your infographic, you must show the steps of your Decision Making Process. Either post as a separate document along with your paper, or embed it into your paper. If you use a ppt. slide, do not submit a “slide show”, just one slide showing your steps. For help with these programs, check out their websites or conduct an internet search.For other infographic software, search the internet with keywords like “free tools to create your own infographic.”Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.
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Apply: Decision-Making Career Path Plan
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