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1. Why do individuals join hate groups?2. Derek Vinyard became a leader of a Neo-Nazi hate group in Venice CA. What are the beliefs of Neo-Nazis?3. How many of the members of Derek’s Neo-Nazi group were over the age of 30, do you estimate?4. Why was Derek not convicted of “murder”, but was instead convicted of voluntary manslaughter? Which crime do you think he should have been convicted of?5. How much influence did Derek and Danny’s father have on their attitudes? Were they even aware of how this happened?6. Why did Derek defect from membership in the prison’s Aryan Brotherhood? What did the gang do to punish Derek? Why did they punish him?7. How important was it to belong to a gang in prison? What were the benefits? What were the disadvantages?8. What caused Derek to change his attitudes about the people he used to hate?9. Compare the two sentences Derek and his work-mate, Lamont, were given. Why did this happen? 10. Who committed the more serious of the two crimes? What crime would Lamont be charged with if he were a white man? How long would his sentence be?11. What crime would Derek be charged with if he were a black man? How long would his sentence be?12. Why was Danny shot in his High School?Purchase the answer to view it
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