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Assignment Step 4

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PPP Concept Development
Phase 1: Research
Read The Art of Structuring and Writing a Health Policy Analysis again.
This week, you must complete a significant amount of background research before successfully accomplishing the required DB Step assignment.
Common variables that may be considered include: cost (and feasible funding), benefit (return on investment), and feasibility (popularity, acceptability).
Identify the “Key Factors” (listed in your textbook): Political Factors, Social Factors, Economic Factors, Practical Factors, Legal Factors.
Ultimately whatever you recommend will have a cost associated with it. Identify what is at stake as an implicit step in justifying the cost.
Use the Kingdon basic concepts to examine your policy solution’s chances for implementation. Describe how the “three streams” are likely to influence your issue rising on the public agenda. Is a window of opportunity opening? Is this an incremental change or a crisis?
Step 4: Annotated Resource List
Post to the designated area of the weekly session file.
“The only thing” that you want to post is what you are asked to complete. Follow instructions.
Prepare a list of 7 – 12 journal articles for a formal “Annotated Bibliography” relevant to the health policy problem you’re addressing in your analysis.
Articles from 2005 and before can add context but should not be the mainstay of your arguments.
Limit the non-peer reviewed journals to a minimum.
You must follow a suggested format for the assignment. You must provide critical annotations of these articles towards helping as you complete the writing process. Your annotated references will be a list of citations to journal articles. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive summary and a short evaluative paragraph.
How To Prepare An Annotated Resource List:
Locate periodicals and documents that may contain ideas about your topic. Start collecting journal articles at the start of your research process. Then select the materials that provide a variety of perspectives on your topic.
Cite each article using appropriate APA style.
Summarize the central theme. Provide a summary of the main points with an overview of the arguments addressed in the article and the conclusion.
Describe the author’s point of view and the authority or background of the author. Comment on the intended audience. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of what is presented.
Describe the article’s relevance to your topic. Explain how this work adds to your understanding of the topic (problem or solution options). Evaluate if this work is (or is not) useful for your project.

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