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Write an Annotated Bibliography on the topic: Infancy and Childhood: Social and Emotional Development when Attending Childcare.
The basic purpose is to cite the source and provide a brief summary written in a clear and concise manner. Make sure you have a 5 peer-reviewed references related to psychological phenomenon (therefore 5-10 summaries). Must be in APA format 12 font. Please consider the following below when writing an annotated bibliography.
1. What is the purpose of the article? This is the hypothesis or the testable prediction.
2. What is the most important information used to support the arguments? This would be found in the results of the study. Just give basic findings in your own words
3. What is the conclusion? In other words, was the hypothesis supported or not?
4. What are the logical implications of the results of the study? This is sometimes called the “significance” of the study.
NO PLAGIARISM.. If you are not familiar with an Annotated Bibliography please do not bid. There are several examples online just google.
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