Analysis Unit 5

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A senior systems analyst has tasked you with creating a presentation containing two different object-oriented model classes. Ensure you include the following criteria in your presentation: Create a six-slide original presentation.
One slide should explain use case modeling.
One slide should explain class diagrams.
One slide should explain object-oriented (O-O) modeling.
One slide should highlight the differences between use case modeling, class diagrams, and object-oriented modeling. One slide should cover the first O-O class.
One slide should cover the second O-O class.
Include a title slide and a reference slide that do not count toward the final slide count total.
Utilize bullets for textual information.
Utilize the notes section for additional information.
Include at least one graphic (pictures, graphs, etc.) for each phase that must be specifically related to the content. Follow APA style formatting and guidelines. For the first O-O class, identify the object, attributes, and methods using object-oriented modeling. List a minimum of three attributes and three methods for the class labeled CAR. All explanations must be in the notes section of the slide. For the second O-O class, create a use case model for the actor. He wants to start, go forward, and stop the car. The actor is labeled as the driver. All explanations must be in the notes section of the slide. Remember to compare your PowerPoint Presentation with the rubric before submitting it. ITC 4010, System Analysis and Design 3 For PowerPoint help, please view the tutorial linked here: Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. Purchase the answer to view it
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Analysis Unit 5
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