African-Americans Americanization Experience

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Reflection Paper IVAfrican-Americans Americanization ExperienceFormat for CompletionPaper Instructions: Make certain to review the expanses of readings and resources linking historic and current experiences detailing the experiences of African American’s Americanization from the period of involuntary initial contact with the dominant group. Written Assignment Prompts:· Use Freire – Chapter 1 to evaluate the unique involuntary initial contact and unique dominant-dominated experiences, as discovered through the various readings and resources. Does the combined resource lend understanding on the continued racial tensions persisting in the current political cultures, and police shootings in predominantly black communities?· Having greater exposure to new information on the experiences of systemic and structural inequalities specific to African American’s Americanization experiences through the combined readings and videos, revisit and reassess Bill O’Reilly’s discussion on the denial of White Privilege. What are your findings?· A basic question that has always been part of the black experience – Integration? Assimilation? Pluralism? Separation? Can blacks ever be accepted as equals in a dominant white society that has always positioned blacks as unequal? Evaluate this question through the discussions on dehumanization and humanism in Freire – Chapter 2, and other resources to make your response. · Asim’s analysis on the N-word raises the concern on its “absurdity” given its dichotomous, yet historical reference in the black communities. How does the findings in the article on the continued presence and usage of the N-word shape your thoughts on African American’s mainstream acceptance and Americanization? How impactful is the term in shifting or sustaining imageries and stereotypes?· Concluding thought. Briefly summarize your developed understanding on the role of race in Americanization.Format;o 1 – 2 page(s) minimum o Typedo Single-spaceo 12-font size, Times Roman fontDue Date: Please submit your completed document on Friday, October 13, by close of day (11:59 PM) Purchase the answer to view it
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African-Americans Americanization Experience
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