advertisement and marketing

advertisement and marketing
writing about social marketing :
Definition of social marketing (a process that uses marketing principles and techniques to infulence a target audience behaviour that will benefit society as well as the induvidual
the change of behaviour could be behaviour to reject, modify, accept something new and abandon something for example : stop texting while driving
the short definition is changing behaviour for goods, good for the individual and good for the society
so its all about behaviour for social marketer: eat healthy ….etc
social marketing have been applied to improv health so its totally deferent from commercial sector marketing ..references and example
social marketing is a uniqe and its different than education too, education intended to informe people and to build their skills
for social marketing its need to get people to do behaviour
why its harder for social marketing to changing behaviour :
this is because :
its asks people to be un comfortable- risk rejection-reduce pleasure- give up looking good be embarresd-spend more time-more money
please give examples
what are the principles of social marketing for success
please summary them and show how important to applay them with references
the emergence of social marketing ((summary))
social marketing and puplc health
writing about advertising
definitions and examples of some advertising campaigns ((cigarette campaign -Vodka advertisement campaigns
behaviour change and advertising of social issues. This will need to cover whether or not social advertising is effective in changing behaviour and if yes how much and in what circumstances

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advertisement and marketing
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