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A Living Wage
John A. Ryan, one of the more apparent advocates of social justice and activism for the Catholic religion, called for a minimum wage for all citizens that would allow them to live in a moderate amount of comfort and allow them to be able to reach their full potential. He calls on the government to step in and moderate what would be the appropriate way and amount to grant all citizens a good-enough lifestyle while dismissing the act of private ownership, effectively being a promoter of socialism in the workplace. This makes him seem like more of a Robin Hood-esque figure, but instead of directly stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, it seems to be that he wants to use a method to charge employers a bit more for giving more wages to their employees, securing them a proper lifestyle that can support them with just one job, instead of having some men and women achieve wages outside of the normal work system. This (in theory) would grant the employees a larger sense of sustainability and livability by allowing them to live comfortably with their job and earnings. However, this might have caused a large conflict, especially for those whose jobs might be considered part-time, since the employer feels that instead of making sure that his or her employees were able to live contentedly, he could just find new employees, desperate for work, and hire them for much cheaper than Ryan’s plan called for, creating a new problem in the economy and workforce of America.
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