7th grade work make it look like 7th grade work not to big work 6.16

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Assignment: Personal Narrative
Write a personal narrative of 500 – 600 words. Your narrative should describe an event or experience that was important to you. Remember that your personal narrative will read like a story with you as the narrator. Use first-person point of view, create a setting, and develop a plot. Write with your conclusion in mind, and include all the details your readers will need to understand the narrative and its ending.
Before submitting the assignment, make sure you have included
a beginning. a middle, and an end
dialogue to draw readers into the scene and to give information about actions and characters
precise, vivid language that shows rather than tells
events in chronological order with appropriate transitions
an end that includes your narrative’s point, or the meaning it holds for you
unified paragraphs organized around a main idea
specific nouns. verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
a variety of sentence types
Remember to submit your Planning and Organizing document and rough draft when you submit your final paper.
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7th grade work make it look like 7th grade work not to big work 6.16
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