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Michele is working hard to come up with a memorable, “easy-to-type” combination of letters and symbols to use as her new company’s network address. Her knitting company name is “Michele’s Designs”…so she is thinking of using “http://MichelesKnittedDesigns.com.” What is Michele working on for her company? a. its Internet service provider (ISP) b. its spyware programming c. its uniform resource locator (URL) d. its Hypertext transfer protocol (http) Internet use in the United States today is increasing at its highest rate ever. a. True b. FalseIn the wake of the 9/11 attacks on America, it became evident that the terrorists used the Internet to coordinate the plot, to raise funds, and to help recruit new members to their cause. a. True b. FalseWhich of the following is an example of a website going “social”? a. An online newspaper invites commentary from readers. b. An online library allows “virtual” borrowing of their periodicals. c. A company’s 401K package can be accessed by employees online. d. A clothing store’s website gives discounts for online orders. Jennifer and Jason are working on their new software packages to be released later this month. They have consulted with several companies and individuals who will be helping them with the Internet systems used to transfer their files over the Web. Which of the following are they discussing with these companies and individuals? a. Hypertext transfer protocols (https) b. encryptions c. Web 2.0 d. social media Martina is frustrated. She is trying to get a lot accomplished at work this morning, but she keeps having to wait for her computer because gray boxes saying “application loading” keep popping up on her screen, rendering her computer useless until they disappear. What is Martina waiting for? a. plug-ins b. cookies c. scripts d. XHTMLs Which of the following resulted in the birth of the World Wide Web in 1991? a. the creation of hypertext markup language (HTML) b. the evolution of transmission-control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) c. the introduction of the first wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) d. the introduction of modems Which of the following is NOT true of ISPs? a. They connect users to the Internet and provide e-mail accounts. b. There are more than 400 in the United States with national coverage. c. They include telephone and cable companies. d. They are mostly small, local operations. What are protocols? a. places where content is created and distributed b. technical rules governing data communication c. encryptions used when messages are written in code d. applications in which users can provide and consume content The ARPANET program developed the earliest version of the wireless networked computing (the model for what would become the Internet) in 1972. What was their main intention in creating this network? a. to provide a network infrastructure for Apple’s new PC home computers b. to provide critical support for NASA researchers to communicate with field agents c. to help coordinate between different stock exchanges across the world to help fight speculative investing d. to improve coordination between different researchers working on U.S. Department of Defense projects The real computer revolution in Hollywood is taking place behind the scenes, during the post-production process, when films get their finishing touches. a. True b. FalseWhich of the following is the BIGGEST difference between IP Version 6 and its predecessor? a. It allows for trillions and trillions of Internet addresses, as opposed to the previous 4 billion. b. It uses HTML language whereas the older version used an antiquated Internet language. c. It requires 6 (instead of the 5 previously required) channels to be operational at all times. d. It is an international version, allowing for the first time nations across the globe to participate. Who is the current “Goliath”? a. Microsoft b. Facebook c. Alphabet d. Yahoo! Personal computer sales are plummeting worldwide as users switch to tablet computers and smartphones. a. True b. FalseWhich model do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia all follow? a. the Web 3.0 model b. the Web 2.0 model c. the social media model d. the HTML model Which of the following is NOT one of the top 10 Web properties? a. Verizon, Inc. b. Google Sites c. Comcast NBCUniversal d. AOL, Inc. In the response to the Internet’s huge impact and influence, many traditional media outlets are adopting the philosophy of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Which of the following BEST exemplifies this? a. McDonalds offers online coupons that consumers can print and redeem at their locations. b. Coca-Cola Corp has an elaborate Facebook page on which they advertise and market. c. The Boston Gazette Daily Newspaper has transformed to an online-only publication. d. Ford Motor Company is a “featured entry” on the Wikipedia.com website. What function does the file transfer protocol (FTP) perform? a. It connects users to their mail servers. b. It governs electronic mailing lists that “broadcast” email to special-interest groups. c. It is used for sending e-mail between host computers on the Internet. d. It governs how electronic documents and computer programs are transmitted across the Internet. Fabio, President and CEO of GenTex, has just called his management team into his office to give them the good news that their new PR spots have “gone viral.” What, exactly, happened to GenTex’s PR spots? a. The PR spots were ranked among Internet users as top among similar spots. b. The PR spots were featured in an online Internet news story that was seen by millions. c. The PR spots were picked up by users of social media and spread quickly through the Internet. d. The PR spots were awarded top honors at the annual Internet PR Symposium. If you are trying to create a web page for your band and having difficulty creating links to other groups on your page, what is the most likely cause of this problem? a. Malfunctions in your hypertext programs. b. A malfunction in your computer’s browser memory. c. Low levels of resolution on your wireless network. d. Connectivity issues with your computer’s hard drive. Which of the following is a key difference between “dumb” cell phones and smartphones? a. “Dumb” cell phones can only make phone calls, whereas smartphones can do a variety of other things. b. Smartphones have features programmed onto the computer chips built into the hardware, whereas “dumb” cell phones require software. c. Smartphones can only make phone calls, whereas “dumb” cell phones can do a variety of other things. d. “Dumb” cell phones have features programmed onto the computer chips built into the hardware, whereas smartphones require software. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major categories into which telephone companies can be divided? a. International Record Carriers (IRCs) b. Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) c. Cell Phone Carriers d. Interexchange Carriers Satellite communication was inspired by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. a. True b. FalseTelecom carriers around the word are rejecting the LTE standard. a. True b. FalseWhat was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 intended to accomplish? a. entrench more government restrictions on the “wildly free” cell phone industry b. pair government and private corporations as permanent partners in business of cell phones c. break apart the large monopoly that was held by AT&T for more than half a century d. untangle ownership rules and line-of-business restrictions and let free market forces prevail If Kerry needs a phone that treats both voice and data streams as packets of data like those on the Internet and has download speeds of at least 10 million bits per second, what will she have to do? a. Lower her standards. b. Wait for the 5G phones to come out. c. Buy a 4G phone. d. Buy a 3G phone. Why are fiber-optic carriers ideal for computer data? a. because there are no faster and more reliable wired or wireless delivery systems b. because they are immune to the electrical interference that plagues copper wire systems c. because they transmit data at speeds approaching 768 thousand bits per second d. because they utilize an intense beam of pure, concentrated light Which of the following is TRUE of cell phone theft? a. iPhones are still less desirable to thieves, both overseas and in the United States. b. Stolen cell phones can easily be reactivated and used overseas, but not in the United States. c. Stolen cell phones can easily be reactivated and used in the United States, but not overseas. d. Cell phone theft is no longer a problem in U.S. cities. Why did President Franklin Roosevelt, through the Communications Act of 1934, establish the Federal Communications Commission? a. to regulate communications b. to split up the local exchanges c. to establish wireless telephone technology d. to foster greater independence in the telephone industry Which of these statements captures a common fear associated with cellular phone usage? a. The use of text messaging will make it increasingly difficult for students to adapt to using laptops or other types of computer for schoolwork. b. People will become overly dependent upon cellular phones in their daily lives. c. Young people can potentially meet criminals or sexual abusers through cell phone groups. d. Young people will accrue major debts as they began to use cellular phones for international communications. In many ways, the early telephone was the very first _______. a. social network b. dot com c. laptop computer d. digital notepad Which of the following is TRUE of M-commerce? a. It is just catching on in both Europe and the United States. b. It is just catching on in Europe, although it has been common in the United States for years. c. It has been common in both Europe and the United States for years. d. It is just catching on in the United States, although it has been common in Europe for years. What might be the next big thing in cell phone and tablet apps? a. virtual reality social media apps b. live weather outlook apps c. compass and/or flashlight apps d. social media apps Which of these provides one of the earliest forms of what would be called “third screen” technology? a. the Apple personal computer b. AT&T’s early video conferencing system c. the Apple iPhone d. the Verizon 1970s smart phone YouTube is by far the most popular app on both iPhone and Android brands and models. a. True b. FalseIn the early 20th century, the Bell Telegraph Company (which would become AT&T) established a monopoly in the early telephone industry because _________. a. it ruthlessly enforced its patent rights to create legal problems for competitors b. it was able to create the most efficient delivery system for phone signals c. it also cornered the market for the production of phone receivers d. it was able to secure a grant from the U.S. government to provide nationwide coverage How did the laser, invented at Bell Labs, hold the key to practical fiber-optic systems? a. by producing intense beams of pure, concentrated light b. by using high-grade copper wiring throughout the lines c. by removing interference through digital radio signals d. by switching from copper-based wire to fiber optics The advent of the iPad, even more so than the iPod, iPhone, and Kindle before it, made media executives rethink the future of media distribution. a. True b. FalseManny is the new owner of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) company. How will he be able to offer network space to cell phone users who subscribe through his company? a. through his company’s own network b. by purchasing a separate network c. by leasing space from a major carrier d. through the U.S. national free network Which level of phones were the first to cross a telephone and a handheld computer? a. third-generation b. second-generation c. fifth-generation d. fourth-generation Nora is developing a state-of-the-art video game that combines action, adventure, critical thinking, and FUN. This game, she contends, will be best used in classrooms as a teaching tool for teachers of middle-school aged children. If Nora, in fact, has created such a game, what will it be considered? a. a hit game b. a serious game c. a viral game d. a mainstream game What does the long-running “Gamergate” controversy highlight? a. propensity for violence and gore in the gaming community b. favoritism toward college students in the gaming community c. antagonism toward women in the gaming community d. bias against older gamers in the gaming community Although games are now about equally popular among males and females, critics argue that games are still designed to appeal to straight white male players. a. True b. FalseVideo game console makers try to prevent competitors from developing and marketing games for their systems by _______. a. heavily prosecuting perceived breaches of established patents by their competitors b. creating security features that make it impossible to mimic their technology without signing a licensing deal with them c. using highly sophisticated firewalls to prevent competitors from stealing the information needed to encode games for their console d. creating a system of passwords on all of their games that outside manufacturers can’t mimic The gear wars that played out over the past 40 years were largely defined by the number of computer bits that the central processing units of the game consoles could process simultaneously. a. True b. FalseWhich of the following is TRUE of the integration of video games with personal computers? a. It was a turning point in the development of video games only. b. It was a turning point in the development of personal computers only. c. It was NOT a turning point in the development of either personal computers or video games. d. It was a turning point in the development of both personal computers and video games. _______ is the current champion in the console sales game thanks to the introduction of a popular new version of its ________ console along with its older portable game. a. Sony / PlayStation b. Atari / Flashback c. Nintendo / Wii d. Microsoft / Xbox What did the controversy over the game “Mortal Kombat” eventually lead to? a. the characterization of all video games as potentially harmful to youth b. the call for any pre-18-year-old to have a parent present for any video game purchase c. the banning of any violent video game that included gore or blood d. the establishment of the Electronic Software Review Board Nicholas is a big-time gamer. Recently, he decided to alter his favorite game environment to create a different, more exciting gaming experience. He hopes to showcase this work to a major game development company after he graduates. What will Nicholas be showing off to this company? a. his AI b. his game engine c. his MMORPGs d. his mods Which of the following is TRUE of video game genre popularity? a. Strategy games are much more popular than action games. b. Adventure games are much more popular than role-playing games. c. Role-playing games are much more popular than strategy games. d. Action games are much more popular than casual games. One of the enduring challenges to video game designers has been to develop games that appeal to _______. a. females b. young children c. parents d. teens The first public outcry against video games was heard in 1976 with the release of “Death Race 2000.” a. True b. FalseThrough video game learning, teachers are able to teach something while their students are also having fun, an instance of ________. a. higher learning b. incidental learning c. classroom play-and-learn d. digital instruction Which of these phenomena had the most immediate impact on the creation of home video gaming in the United States and abroad? a. The popularity of pinball, fighting, and other types of arcade games. b. The popularity of Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games. c. The popularity of science fiction films like Star Wars. d. The decommissioning of military-grade flight and combat simulating software. What did a glut of “Pong” imitations and the introduction of second-generation consoles lead to in 1977? a. the first great boom in the video game market b. the first real competitive market in the video game market c. the first great crash in the video game market d. the first representation of the video game market in the stock exchange Why do the latest game consoles include high-capacity hard drives? a. so that they can handle the functionalities of today’s joy-sticks b. so that they can be played whether plugged into the wall or wirelessly c. so that they can accept games from other brands’ manufacturers d. so that they can function as home entertainment centers Game software annual revenue in the United States is second only to that of network television. a. True b. FalseWhat is the rationale the military uses to promote the use of violent video games by its soldiers? a. It might help generals train their soldiers to be compassionate leaders. b. It might create a new wave of media awareness in the military. c. It might produce more effective killers for the military. d. It might sooner bring about commonality and, therefore, world peace. Why did Nolan Bushnell start Atari? a. to provide a network infrastructure for millions of video games b. to provide an outlet for the hundreds of video game designers of the day c. to manufacture and distribute the coin-operated version of his game, “Pong” d. to help the video game industry’s beginning with a loud “BOOM” Which of the following is TRUE of the top-selling games of all time? a. They came bundled with other video games. b. They were graphically violent, gory games. c. They were targeted to the under 12 demographic. d. They came bundled with game consoles. Purchase the answer to view it
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