2. Researching Consumer Attitudes: Investigating Ethical And Sustainable Concepts For Retail.

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In this report you are required to complete a consumer research proposal and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to assess consumer attitudes to a specific commercial issue in the fashion retail industry. Your topic will be situated within one of the following areas of interest, which you will formatively sign off with your Tutor in week 3. 1. Range development: how UK brands expand overseas and how this affects the product ranges. —-2. Researching consumer attitudes: investigating Ethical and Sustainable concepts for retail. ( I wish to rite on this)3. Researching the Luxury Brand experience: how brands present their image in the omni-channel marketplace (stores, online, outlets). The report will allow you to study a consumer demographic that is of interest to you and will evidence your ability to academically and commercially identify the aims and objective of a piece of individual research, supported by a robust literature review and evaluation of secondary data. The research methodology proposal will show your understanding and application of an appropriate research strategy and analysis methods within an ethical framework. You will design, conduct and analyse a small quantitative and qualitative study. To conclude the report you should include an evaluation of data from the study, recommend improvements and identify the limitations of the study approach.Indicative structure and approximate word count: 1. A topic defined by means of a working title or research question. 2. An Abstract – not included in the word count. 3. List of contents and tables – not included in the word count. 4. Rationale and context for the research (300 words) i. Presentation of the current environment or future trends that justify the proposal of the research topic. 5. Literature review (700 words) i. Identification of the conceptual framework that underpins the research topic. ii. Critical evaluation of key texts and studies that define, explore and evaluate what is currently known about the topic as defined within the contextual framework. 6. Aims and objectives for the research (200 words) i. Identification of the ‘knowledge or research gap’ and opportunity – aim. ii. The objectives that relate clearly to the single aim. 7. Proposed research methodology (500 words) i. Statement of top-line research philosophy. ii. Ethical considerations. iii. Research design including quantitative survey and any qualitative ‘discussion guide’ or interviewtemplate. iv. Sample proposal. v. Method of data analysis. 8. Findings of secondary and primary research (including statistical analysis as appropriate). (800 words) 9. Conclusion and limitations (500 words). 10.Reference list – not included in the word count. 11.Bibliography – not included in the word count Appendix: (not included in the word count) • Questionnaire raw data. • Transcription, coding and analysis for qualitative research. • SPSS statistical analysis data. Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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2. Researching Consumer Attitudes: Investigating Ethical And Sustainable Concepts For Retail.
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