10 Multiple Choice Questions And Two 200 Word Essays Team Building

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ReferencesDyer, W. G., Dyer, W. G., Jr., & Dyer, J. H. (2007). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. There is a free pdf only line somewhere for text Team Building and Leadership Question 1 A team that grasps out at anything it can and does not know what the other parts are doing is known as a(n) _____.Answer[removed]hunting dog[removed]Cadillac[removed]centipede[removed]octopusQuestion 2 By sharing powerful images, a team may be able to envision a different way of functioning from its current pattern and _____. [removed]implement the project internally[removed]begin the data gathering phase[removed]create new values and beliefs[removed]disbandQuestion 3 What is the key meta-competency in the authors’ team building model? [removed]Context[removed]Composition[removed]Competencies[removed]ChangeQuestion 4 “Sally, when you show up for work at 8:05 and you were due in at 8:00 – like you did on Thursday – I am unable to start my morning meeting and that puts me behind schedule and frustrates me. Are you aware of this issue? Do you know what is causing it? How can we avoid this in the future?” What type of feedback does this passage exemplify?Answer[removed]Start-stop[removed]Continuing[removed]Suggestive[removed]DescriptiveQuestion 5 A team that runs around and locates problems then stops and points out the problem in hopes that somebody else will take the action is called a(n)_____.Answer[removed]hunting dog[removed]Cadillac[removed]centipede[removed]octopusQuestion 6 When trust is ____, team members ______.Answer[removed]low; try to protect themselves[removed]high; try to protect themselves[removed]low; increase their morale[removed]high; decrease productivityQuestion 7 A team that can move forward but its progress is crippled by its missing and broken legs is known as a(n) ______.Answer[removed]hunting dog[removed]Cadillac[removed]centipede[removed]octopusQuestion 8 The first stage in the team-building cycle is:Answer[removed]problem identification.[removed]data gathering.[removed]data analysis.[removed]action planning.Question 9 Loss of production or team output, a continued unexplained increase in cost and an increase of grievances or complaints from the team are conditions that usually:Answer[removed]provoke serious thought or remedial action.[removed]generate team building.[removed]motivate the team to disband.[removed]accelerates the team building process.Question 10 Team building should be thought of:Answer[removed]when the manager initiates it.[removed]as a onetime event.[removed]as an ongoing process.[removed]only when the company is in trouble. 11. What are the components of the team-building cycle, and why is it useful to understand it? 12. Why is it important to understand the phases of team-building?Purchase the answer to view it
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10 Multiple Choice Questions And Two 200 Word Essays Team Building
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