1 Page, Single Space, Research Abstract (8am EST,19th)

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The assignment contributes toward learning objective #1 for the course, which is to critique the limited role that research and discovery of new knowledge has played in fashion and apparel business.Approach:
Select and read one of the research articles in the Module for Week 1. Your task is to accurately summarize the content of the article in a 1 page, single
-spaced abstract (11 pt. Arial font). No creative writing here, focus on what the author(s) reported in their much longer article.
In addition to the one-page abstract, a 1-page reflection will also be appended.
Abstracts usually include content related to the following topics, though your article may differ somewhat.:
Purpose: The objective of the study and why it was important to pursue.
Background: What of relevance is already known about the topic. What if any
hypotheses or research questions were developed?
thods: How was the study conducted? What/who was the source of data?
How were data analyzed?
Results: What were the most important findings (i.e. what did tests of the
hypotheses find? What were the answers to the research questions?
What big “so what” points were made on the basis of the research?
Implications: How can others use the findings (either other researchers or
Limitations/Future Research: What limitations did the author(s) report for the
research? What suggestions for future research were discussed?
Reflection should address the following questions:
What did you like about reading this research?
What did you dislike about reading this research?
How is this research valuable for solving an industry problem?
What would make this research more interesting/easier to use by junior staff of
an apparel brand/retailer to use to inform their work?
Other Requirements:
Abstract clearly and accurately explains the key content shared in the paper, in
the order that it is shared.
Must paraphrase/summarize, using your own words (no plagiarism, none or
VERY little quoting)
1 page (not much less, no more), single-spaced, 11 pt. Arial font, 1” margins
(note, selecting and covering the key content in 1 page will be more difficult than you imagine)
Free from typos and grammatical errors
Provide a complete citation for the article using APA style (editorial style of the
American Psychological Association) You can find examples of slightly longer abstracts in thehttps://itaaonline.org/page/ProceedingsPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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1 Page, Single Space, Research Abstract (8am EST,19th)
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